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We are able to provide yacht cruises that can cater to corporate events/team building, private parties, Birthday parties, anniversaries, dinner cruises, and private cruises. Our Yacht charter section consists of a large variety of Yachts in UAE that ranges from 1-200 people on our yachts depending on the options you decide on, and what your needs are. Catering or BBQ is optional, and all trips include light snacks, and beverages. So if you are looking to plan an outing on a yachts in style and class drop us a line so we can give you a free consultation to what we can do to make your event memorable and different!

An ode to our heritage

Jumeirah means 'burning embers' in Arabic and was built during the holy month of Ramadan in the mid-1970s. As a village that stretched along the sea, most of Jumeirah's activity centred on the fishing and pearl diving industry.

Houses in Jumeirah in the 1950s were made of date palm fronds called barasti in Arabic. Due to its proximity to the sea, summers in Jumeirah were humid, so people used to go to Al Ain which took 5 days by camel.

The barasti houses were loosely structured in the summer to allow air to pass, and in the winter they were woven together more tightly in the style of a tent called 'khaima'. Women usually wove the tents, along with other household activities like preparing food and looking after the children and the livestock. Back then, Jumeirah was known as a village and Deira which referred to as the town centre.

Most of the people in Jumeirah would preserve their fish with salt which they would get from The Creek in Deira.

Fishing was mainly carried out during the cooler months of the year and pearl diving was more of a summer activity. Boat owners, called nokhada in Arabic, employed fishermen, pearl divers and a naham who would sing on the boat to keep their strength and enthusiasm in good condition. The work was strenuous and meant long hours in the deep sea.

Jumeirah was also a starting point for camel racing. Most people have fond memories of playing by the beach with their family and friends. This generation who are in their 60s still live in Jumierah's large villas, with manicured gardens and easy access to the beach.

Jumeirah today barely resembles the plain desert landscape from 60 years ago. It has developed into a fantastic community that has all the luxuries and comforts of a world class destination.

The development of iconic beach resorts and waterfront structures like the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and other dynamic island projects have brought a flurry of activity to enrich Dubai's offering of world-class sea tourism. The Mina Seyahi and Marina are laden with beach clubs, resorts and berths for yachts and boats chartering in Dubai.

Dubai has been able to transform itself into one of the top tourist destinations with world-class Marinas and yachts rental in Dubai and top of the line service in a matter of a few decades. The Dubai Marina Yacht Club is one of the most luxurious Marinas in Dubai and we operate from there with the main intention to satisfy and over exceed expectations.

Whether people go out to sea to earn a living or to relax, they are drawn to the tranquility and sea-like silence that releases them from the bustle of city life by chartering a yacht and living like a king for the day. At Go Fishing Tours Yachts and Boat Rental, we always find a way to be unique and make each experience rich and memorable for every occasion.

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